Grow your mental fitness and gain the results in your life that you truly deserve!

Membership is for goal focused people motivated by high performance, who are looking for a balance across their life. Who place a high value on their professional and self development. It aims to enhance your wellbeing and sense of how you feel, think and act. Keeping your brain and emotional health in tip top shape, so that you can perform at your best.

Join for only £10.00 per month or £99.99 per year

Giving you confidence so that you can become mentally fit and ready to perform at your best.

Do any of these sound familiar to you?

✅ You're feeling overwhelmed and want to find clarity and focus

✅ You're wanting results and you need to find your high performance

✅ You're thinking you're not good enough, becoming more and more self critical, so much so you've lost confidence and you feel stuck either at home or work

✅ You somehow don't feel happy when you know you should

✅ You've had a realisation that you need something for you

✅ Juggling work, kids, time for yourself!

PAYMENT £99.99

Do you want to:

  • Develop confidence
  • Push away the imposter and inner critics
  • Overcome challenges
  • Get ahead
  • Learn more about yourself
  • Keep learning at your own pace
  • Make clearer decisions for you personally and as a leader
  • Create connections with like minded people
  • Find ways to live a calm and happy lifestyle


The Online Community - Building connections is good for your mental fitness, by being part of a community of like-minded and positive individuals you are surrounding yourself with those that can support your mental fitness. A safe place to ask for support and to grow your wellbeing.

Support From Me In The Group - Whenever you need it.

Monthly Self Development Training - Focuses on the Emotional, Social, Security/Financial and Physical areas of Mental Fitness.

Example topics within the emotional pillar are self esteem, resilience, self acceptance and the ability to manage strong emotions. These are booked well in advance, so you can book them in your diary. This will all help you to find the stronger and more resilient you. They will be delivered by myself or guest experts.

Monthly Audios - Listening to podcasts or meditations connected to developing your mental fitness , regularly can help give you a break from the day to day of life and can give you great pause and reflection time and the head space to gain more clarity on your next steps. Example topics are wellbeing, pausing and reflecting , inner voice, imposter syndrome, self-care and being brave.

Monthly Book and Pod Club - Keeping learning is essential to growing mental fitness and reading and listening is also a great way to relax and have time for you. Having a book and podcast club where you all can contribute to each others learning gives a huge sense of reward to not only those learning but to those sharing.

And it's all for a monthly membership of just £10.00 a month or pay yearly for £99.99.

 PAYMENT £99.99


💪 A mind free of overwhelm and full of clarity: Getting your mind to work at its best and for you. By understanding you and your mind, and taking the time to pause, reflect and become more self aware, you'll be able to live a happier lifestyle.

💪 Transform how happy and calm you feel: With simple sustainable tools for life, not only will you learn what you should be doing to transform how you feel right now, you'll be able to use and adapt these tools for the rest of your life.

💪 Building confidence and feelings of success: By understanding your blocks and stretching your comfort zone, you will start to tackle the things that have held you back and gain the confidence to make tweaks and changes to your life for the better.

💪 Able to bounce back from setbacks: By knowing you have the tools in your kit bag and how to use them, plus the confidence to try new things, you will be able to develop more resilience.

💪 Feel in control: Using the tools within the course and the weekly support and accountability within the group, you'll know how to clear your mind and get it working for you so that you feel like YOU are in the driving seat.

💪 Live a happier more balanced life: By understanding the key elements to 'wellbeing', you will learn what you need to do for yourself to increase your mood and energy, and to truly look after yourself and your mind.

💪 Learn to love you: By getting to know your negative inner chatter, and learning how you can manage it, deal with your blocks, and how you can move forward. You will feel more positive about yourself and push away any self doubt.

💪 Increase your performance: By learning what you need to do to get your mind to perform at an optimum level, you'll feel successful, fulfilled, and driven to achieve what you want at home and work in no time at all.

💪 Feel supported and encouraged: With weekly group coaching calls and accountability when you are ready, so that you get faster and more profound results and feel supported to become the best version of the real you.

Here's what some of my clients have said:

If all this membership did for you was ...

🔹 Finally help you to feel more in control ... would this be worth it ?

🔹 Gave you more confidence and self esteem ... would this be worth it?

🔹 Gave you a tools to live a happier more balanced life for the long term ... would this be worth it ?

Yes... of course it would!

And because I'm so confident this membership will help you I offer a 14 day money back guarantee and you can cancel the membership at any time!

Your membership will also remain at this cost for lifetime.

You will gain additional discounts on Progressive Minds Services being part of this membership.

Take action now ! To be come the mentally fit, resilient and confident version of you!